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Name Specialization Department College
Dr Jason Jackiewicz Helioseismology;   Internal Dynamics of the Sun;   Solar Magnetic Activity Department of Astronomy College of Arts & Sciences
Dr Avis James Mathematical and Computational Biology;   Biology Education Theory and Practice Department of Biology College of Arts & Sciences
Dr Michelle Jasso Advertising;   Culture and Persuasion Department of Marketing College of Business
Dr David Jauregui Structural Engineering;   Bridge Inspection Department of Civil and Geological Engineering College of Engineering
Dr James Jaworski Scene Shop Department of Theatre Arts College of Arts & Sciences
Dr Thomas Jenkins Digital Systems;   Renewable Energy Department of Engineering Technology College of Engineering
Dr Joan Jensen Agricultural History;   Art History;   U.S. Women's History Department of History College of Arts & Sciences
Dr Ruinian Jiang Transportation and Structural Engineering Research;   Construction;   Design;   Management Department of Engineering Technology College of Engineering
Dr Del Jimenez Economic and Community Development;   Animal and Plant Sciences;   Education and Outreach;   Natural Resources Management;   Sustainable Agriculture Department of Rural Agricultural Improvement and Public Affairs Project College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Dr Yuho Jin Computer Architecture;   On-chip Interconnection Networks;   Multicore Architecture;   Memory Systems;   Parallel Computing;   Energy-efficient Designs Department of Computer Science College of Arts & Sciences
Dr Michael Johnson Inorganic Chemistry;   Reverse Micelle Molecular Reactivity;   Ferrate Iron Chemistry;   Amavadine Chemistry Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry College of Arts & Sciences
Dr Emily Johnson Igneous Petrology Department of Geological Sciences College of Arts & Sciences
Dr M. Catherine Jonet Cultural Representations of Gender;   Desire;   Same-sex Sexuality;   Race in Creative Media;   Feminist New Media Department of Interdisciplinary Studies College of Arts & Sciences
Dr T. Taylor Joo Capital Markets;   Earnings Management;   Analyst Forecasts Department of Accounting and Information Systems College of Business
Andrea F. Joseph, JDA Domestic Violence;   Law;   Family Law Department of Criminal Justice College of Arts & Sciences
Dr Nancy Joy Horn Department of Music College of Arts & Sciences
Dr Minjoon Jun Supply Chain Management;   Electronic Commerce;   E-purchasing;   Quality Management;   Service Operations Management and Management Information Systems Department of Management College of Business

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