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Name Specialization Department College
Dr William Eamon History of Science;   History of Medicine;   Early and Modern Italy and Spain;   Science in the Atlantic World;   Renaissance Alchemy, Astrology, and Magic Department of History College of Arts & Sciences
Dr Wanda Eastman Human Health;   Human Nutrition;   Human Health and Wellness Department of Family and Consumer Sciences College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences
Dr Jessika Edgar Ceramics;   Clay Department of Art College of Arts & Sciences
Dr Gary Eiceman Analytical Chemistry;   Ion Mobility Spectroscopy;   Portable IMS Analyzers;   Detection of Chemical Warfare Agents;   Hydrazine Screening in Spaceships Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry College of Arts & Sciences
Dr Ahmed Elaksher Department of Engineering Technology College of Engineering
Dr Steven Elias Organizational Behavior;   Organizational Commitment;   Employee Personality;   Social Power and Influence;   Male Sexism in the Workplace Department of Management College of Business
Dr Michael Engelhardt Theoretical Nuclear Physics Department of Physics College of Arts & Sciences
Dr Dennis Engi Risk Analysis;   Dynamic Simulation;   Intelligent Agents;   Decision Theory;   Game Theory;   Optimization Department of Industrial Engineering College of Engineering
Dr Liz England-Kennedy Hidden Disabilities;   Stigma;   Resiliency;   Homelessness;   Culture and medical anthropology;   Intervention Design and Evaluation;   Risk Department of Public Health Sciences College of Health & Social Services
Dr Carl Enomoto Econometrics;   Economic Theory Department of Economics, Applied Statistics, and International Business College of Business
Dr Christopher Erickson Economic Development;   U.S.-Mexico Border Issues;   New Mexico Economy;   Economic Impact Studies Department of Economics, Applied Statistics, and International Business College of Business
Dr Jorge Espinoza Cello;   Chamber Music Department of Music College of Arts & Sciences

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